Work Experience

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Work Experience
  • Provided QA, cost estimation/analysis, scheduling analysis, testing, and engineering management in a design/build (D/B) for a large multiple use facility.  The D/B facility included: UG & AB storage tanks, roofs, airfield runway, macadam drives and parking lots, HVAC, power generation, fire protection, structural, electrical, and other amenities to support the multiple use facility.  We reviewed Master Format specifications, schedules (Primavera), and drawings. We attended meeting, used environmental log books, and prepared daily reports to track progress of work.
  • POZ was awarded a Blanket Purchase Order to provide engineering services for the BLM that included two task orders under this contract, consisting of analyzing the usefulness of a horse barn that was used by the local public for various equestrian events.  The first TO was issued to provide existing data on the structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical amenities.  We conducted this analysis and provided a report of our findings, which was published on the BLM website.  In a second TO, POZ conducted foundation and structural analysis and recommended structural modifications to upgrade building to a Class B structure according to IBC 2006 standards.  This TO resulted in a report of findings that was also published on the BLM website.
  • We provided QA and Engineering Management for a project that consisted of clearing and constructing a water treatment facility to minimize acid loading into a nearby stream that was protected by a watershed association.  The project was funded by federal government.  We were awarded a contract to provide engineering management and quality assurance this project, which involved earth moving to construct the water treatment facility.  POZ prepared a design review of the construction documents to include drainage, materials, volumes, schedule, and site conditions.   POZ also conducted quality assurance for the construction, prepared daily reporting to track construction and materials used, and prepared an as-built for the completed work.
  • POZ was hired to provide volumes and costs for the client who was to bid on work as a sub-contractor.  We took the design digital (PDF) drawings and used software to determine areas of cross-sections and finally volumes between cross-sections.
  • POZ was invited to provide a solution to an unusable driveway, which was built at 31 degrees to a parking deck that was built on un-engineered backfill contained within a block wall.  The project was located near a lake and had extremely limited access.  We provided four solutions ranging in cost from $56K to $250K.  POZ conducted a charade with the client to discuss each solution.  The client accepted a design to cover the existing driveway with a steel structure.  POZ provided a conceptual design that was drawn in AutoCAD Civil 3-D. POZ provided architectural, structural, electrical, geotechnical, and environmental plans to the Town for a construction permit, which is currently pending.
  • POZ submitted a quote to a contractor who won a bid to remediate seepage on an ACE Dam.  The quote was on an RFQ to provided geologic logging of core drilling for the project.  We provided a licensed geologist to provide third party analysis and logging to include moisture, soil type, composition, classification, and bearing strength.  The type of drills were sonic and core.  POZ was provided a geologist provide QA and measurements to construct monitoring well with piezometers in the down-stream side of the dam.  
  • POZ submitted a quote on an RFQ for a PA funded project to construct and document two piezometers in an pervious parking lot.  POZ sub-contracted a drilling company to core two holes and install piezometers in each hole according to specifications and deliverables that were prescribed for the project.  The drilling included using an 11-inch hollow stem auger and placing a 0.01 slotted 4-inch PVC Schedule 40 pipe (piezometer) inside the stem.  Material for packing was placed inside the stem and outside the PVC pipe.  POZ enlisted a geotechnical engineer to log and prepare as-built drawings of the constructed piezometers.   POZ took soil samples and soil strata which were documented in standard log format. Penetrometers were used on the collected soil samples for standard penetration testing and Munsell color charts were used to identify the soil type and color.  A required to collect soil samples was made with containers and stored on site according to the SOW.  A report was submitted after the completion of the soil coring, which included the field drill log, labeled photographs for each drill run, as-built of piezometers, sampling depths, and a composite cross-section.
  • POZ was invited as a sub-contractor to provide professional services to a prime contractor, which consisted of a road expansion project in a Superfund Site.  This project required the preparation of plans (Health and Safety, Pollution Control and Prevention, and Material Handling Plan) for the control/management for NJDOT in Chester NJ.  The site was contaminated with DNAPL products and beryllium, which required health and safety measures to protect the public and workers from exposure.  POZ used AutoCAD and GIS to develop site plans for the safe removal of these contaminates at six areas along the berm of a highway project.  The plans addressed the work that was complicated by contaminated groundwater which was encountered through excavation.  The plans outlined engineering for the safe removal of these wastes and provide a waste stream analysis.  POZ attended public meetings and satisfied all requirements for the implementation of these plans.
  • POZ was awarded a contract to provide A&E services for Cost Survey and Design tasks and was awarded three Cost Surveys and one Design project.  The Cost Survey task orders consisted of a generator, refurbish a chapel, and retro-fit an athletic field into a fenced in area for various agencies in the Commonwealth of PA.  We were also awarded a task order to design one of our Cost Survey submittals and submitted the schematic for approval.

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