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Members of our staff have many years of experience and possess licensure to practice engineering or possess certification to authenticate hazards.

Our Management includes:

  • Emanuel T. Posluszny, P.E. (PA,NY,MD,VA, & NJ) is the President of POZ.  He is experienced in research and development for designing, estimating, managing, and contracting structural, civil, and environmental projects.  He also has extensive experience in the physical (hydrology, geology, and hydro-geology), and environmental sciences.  Emanuel has 2 degree:  B.S. Environmental Science (1977), which he earned after Active Duty with the US Army; and B.S. Environmental Engineering (2003) while working full time with the USDOI.  He has published 9 reports in science and engineering that were presented at various professional conferences.   Emanuel made major contributions in his career field through research and development in the science and engineering disciplines.  Presently, Emanuel manages POZ in a technical and business capacity.  He prepares project through his management skills by developing formats for reports or drawings, monitoring timelines, analyzing reports/drawings/calculations for errors, and at the same time providing a safe environment for his staff (field and office).  Emanuel applies his principles of engineering and his science background to envision the finished product and mitigate measures.  He has a philosophy of project excellence but customer satisfaction.
  • Rebecca R. Posluszny, B.S. is our Information Technology and Office manager.  She has experience with setting up and maintaining networks. As well as installing and troubleshooting software and hardware for the end user. She is knowledgeable in I.T. project management, I.T. system analyst and Document and Data Controls. She has 7 years of direct experience.
  • Thomas Barnard, PhD, PE is our civil/environmental engineer and project manager.  Dr. Barnard has a stellar career as an engineer, educator, author, and scientist.
  •  Dennis Palladino, P.E. is our mechanical engineer who also has an outstanding career as an engineer performing multiple disciplines of engineering.
  • Guy DeAngelo, PLS is our surveyor.
  • Steve Wilder, M.S., P.E. is our electrical engineer.

In addition, our firm consists of: engineers (electrical, mechanical, environmental, civil, structural, and geo-technical), hydrologist, geologist, surveyor, environmental scientist, quality assurance specialists, industrial hygienist, and Archeologist/Cultural Resource Specialist.

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